Writing for the Illustrated London News in 1907, the British writer, G.K. Chesterson wrote "Don't look at the faces in the illustrated papers, look at the faces in the street." This quote sums up our reasons for taking this trip. We want to see people and places we've only read about. We want to see through new eyes when we come home. We hope we'll be a little wiser. A little bolder.

We want to understand history by seeing where it has taken place and how events of the past still affect people today. We hope history will become more than points on a timeline, more than a subject at school to be memorized and soon forgotten.

We want to understand people better, by meeting all sorts of them. We can only imagine the characters we'll meet, from the subways in Europe to the souks in Morocco. To some, we'll be just five more faces in the street. To others, we hope we'll be five new reasons to share a story, a meal, a moment in time.

We want to see how big God is. We want to visit his magnificent cathedrals in Europe, his humble churches in Rwanda, his unexpected and diverse bodies of believers around the world. We want to see how he works in people's lives and we want to worship with them, to be a part of their world for a while.

We created this web site for several reasons. We learned so much about how to plan a trip like this from reading other people's blogs and web sites. We hope to help others who decide to take the plunge and plan a big trip with their families. This web site is also an easy way to keep our friends and family posted on our whereabouts. Finally, we see this collection of journal entries, pictures and videos as a keepsake we can look at for years to come, to remember our time together. Our five faces in the streets...of St. Petersburg, Cairo, Shanghai, Lima....


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